Rice, rice baby

Celebrating National Rice Pudding Day (like we needed an excuse).
Aug 26 2021

You had us at "rice pudding".

Dreamy, creamy rice pudding… is there anything more comforting in the world?

Over here at Fancy Plants HQ, every day is Rice Pud day (it’s also Silky Pot day… and Chia Pod day… basically, we’re eating all the delicious, all the time!)

But, we were delighted for an excuse this month to celebrate rice pudding on an even bigger scale, with August 9 being National Rice Pudding Day! If you missed it, don’t worry — we’ve got you covered with this round-up of our favourite rice pudding recipes.

We’re also very excited to announce that our very own Rice Pud is now available at Woolworths (in the chilled dessert section, next to Silky Pot), as well as in the Coles chilled health section, and at Independent Supermarkets nationwide.

If you haven’t had a chance to try our Rice Pud yet, take our advice and hop to it! Our plant-based Rice Pud has all the dreamy deliciousness that you’d expect from this classic treat (without the dairy!) and offers the added benefit of extra calcium and prebiotic fibre. What's not to love?

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All the dreamy creaminess, without the dairy.

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