Dreamy Chai Rice Pud

Jacinta Sultan shows us how she pairs her Rice Pud with dreamy chai for a sweet, spicy start to the day.
Aug 18 2021

Sometimes, simple is best. Dig in to this warm, spicy take on Rice Pud.

Nutritionist Jacinta Sultan explains that rice pudding was a favourite dessert from her childhood. Now, understanding how beneficial it is to eat cooked and cooled rice, she loves it even more.

"Cooked and cooled rice is a form of resistant fibre therefore, it is not digested in the small bowel," Jacinta explains. "because of this it reaches the large bowel and acts as a food source to fuel our good gut bacteria."

In this fancy feast, Jacinta has paired our plant-based Rice Pud Vanilla with warm, spicy chai and topped with strawberries and slivered almonds. Delish!

Thanks to Jacinta Sultan for the recipe and image.

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