Plant-based pioneers

Fancy feeling better?

Dig in to our delicious and nutritious plant-based snacks to positively impact the way you feel. Made from plants our fancy snacks are packed with added nutritional benefits like prebiotic fibre and calcium, making them better for you and the planet.

Because everyone fancies feeling better every day.

It's all about taste

Our taste is where the fancy comes in...our team of free‑thinking plant innovators have stopped at nothing to bring together the best plant ingredients to make your tastebuds sing. We’re out to prove that eating plant-based is not only easy, but fabulously delicious because we don’t compromise on taste.

The Power of Plants

At Fancy Plants we’re for a world where people and the planet thrive. A world where people choose more plant‑based foods, because plants are good for your health, have a lower environmental impact and can be enjoyed by everyone - plants are for the people!

Fancy an upgrade?

Fancy is the fabulous flourish in everything we do; from turning plants into delicious snacks packed with positive nutrition, through to using our business as a force for good in the world – we leave everything we touch just that little bit fancier.

1% For the Planet

We wear a couple badges on our back that we’re all about. Fancy Plants partners with 1% for the Planet that sees 1% of our sales going back to the planet and people through the work of high-impact, not-for-profit social and environmental groups.

Let’s be buds

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