Cherry choc vanilla coconut parfait

A decadent combo of tart cherries, sweet vanilla and refreshing coconut.
Nov 20 2021

This sweet, tropical treat makes the perfect dessert for breakfast.

You'll need:

2 x Fancy Plants Vanilla Chia Pods

1 x Fancy Plants Chocolate Chia Pod

1/3 cup morello cherries

Coconut flakes

Cacao nibs

Warmed hazelnut spread

Fresh or tinned cherries for garnish

Here's how:

  1. Spoon one Vanilla Chia Pod into a parfait glass.
  2. Layer the Chocolate Chia Pod on top of the vanilla.
  3. Mix the morello cherries into the last Vanilla Chia Pod and layer on top of the chocolate layer.
  4. Top with a dollop of warmed hazelnut spread, sprinkles of coconut flakes, cacao nibs and cherries, fresh or from a jar.

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