Keeping your plant buds happy and healthy

Our green-fingered friend, Sydney Plant Stylist, shares her top tips to keep indoor plants thriving.
Oct 26 2021

If you're someone who struggles to keep even cacti alive, we hear you! Read on for some helpful tips from a real life plant stylist.

Indoor plants can make an incredible impact on our homes and workspaces. From health and mood-boosting benefits, to simply adding colour and visual appeal, there's plenty of reasons why, when it comes to house plants, the more the merrier.

But, without a little know-how, those lush green fronds can go from perky to pouting in a flash. Whether you're an avid over-waterer (guilty!) or serial neglecter, these easy tips from our friend Sydney Plant Stylist should have you back in good graces with your green friends in no time.

  • Wipe down the leaves of your plant with a damp cloth to help your plant absorb optimum sunlight.
  • Water your plants only when they need to be watered. Try poking a finger 3cm deep into the soil and if your finger comes out dry - water your plant!
  • Try to base your selection of plants on what suits your lifestyle, rather than just the appearance of plants. Consider choosing plants that don’t require too much care, if you’re a busy person.
  • Fertiliser is plant food and plants love to eat! Try fertilising every three to four weeks, starting in spring through till the end of summer. Don't fertilise your plants in the colder months - this could kill them!
  • New growth in a plant means they are in the correct location and receiving the required amount of sun and water.
  • Browning/ yellowing in plants is usually due to either over or under-watering. It could also mean your plant isn’t receiving the correct amount of light or is receiving too much direct light.
  • If you’re new to caring for indoor plants - try to bring in 1 to 2 plants at a time till you’re confident you can care for more.
  • When bringing plants into a space they may experience loss of leaves. This is normal and is known as a “shock”. Allow up to three weeks for the plant to adjust back to good shape.

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