Yes to plant-based snacks; No to sacrificing taste

Studies show snack-lovers want to go plant-based to help the planet but don’t want to give up taste.
Jul 28 2021

Buds, it’s official: new data shows that Australia is experiencing a snacking evolution.

Fancy a snack? Well, you’re not alone! Research shows that nearly half of us Aussies (49%) are now replacing our normal meals with snacks, and a third (32%) of us barely eat full meals at all anymore, preferring instead to snack all day long. But, the snack-based lifestyle isn’t as easy for everyone. The research also shows that a lack of plant-based snacking options is proving a barrier for the new wave of flexitarians, with 73% of flexitarians saying that they struggle to find affordable plant-based snacks that are both tasty and nutritious.

In our new Snack it Good report, released in partnership with YouGov, we looked at how Aussies’ eating habits have changed since the pandemic. The report illustrates a strong trend towards a snack-based lifestyle that prioritises wellbeing for both humans and the planet.

Our study found nearly half of Aussies (49%) snacked more during lockdown last year and, because of the pandemic, 50% started eating healthier to boost their immunity, with 56% of Aussies actively seeking out food and snacks with added nutrition. However, the ideal snack for Aussies goes beyond just being ‘good for me’ — people are also looking for options that help the planet thrive. Aussies care so much about the planet that the overwhelming majority of us (89%) are worried about its health. A typical Aussie thinks about the wellbeing of the planet 2.3 times a week and eating plant-based is one important way many people are trying to help.

The flexitarian lifestyle has truly gained momentum. Our research shows that one third of Aussies (35%) are eating more plant-based food now than they did three years ago, with the main reasons being cited as personal and planetary health. While Aussies' appetite for plant-based foods is evident, it's our favourite new meal time — snack-o'clock! — where we seem to fall short. Nearly two thirds (62%) of flexitarians admit reaching for dairy-based snacks when cravings hit, like a yoghurt pot or a chocolate bar. Why? Because, our research reveals, most (73%) say they struggle to find affordable plant-based snacks that are both tasty and nutritious.

Nutritionist and Fancy Plants Ambassador, Leanne Ward, is not surprised that Australians have turned to a flexitarian lifestyle as she says a plant-based diet is not only good for the planet, but also helps improve gut health.

“You don’t need to be vegetarian or vegan to eat plant-based — anyone can enjoy both the nutritional benefits and the delicious taste of plants while at the same time helping the planet thrive, “ says Leanne.

“When it comes to good gut health, one of the best things we can do is to incorporate a diversity of plants into our diet. We are all looking to achieve a healthy gut right now because the bulk of our immune system is located in our gut. Considering the state of our world today, gut health has become more important than ever.”

“At least 30 different plants a week is required for good gut health, with a focus on naturally occurring prebiotics and probiotics. One of my favourite things about the Fancy Plants snacks, besides the fact that they taste amazing, is that all the products contain prebiotic fibre which helps to strengthen and improve our gut health.”

The lack of good, plant-based snacks seems to be making some Aussies feel guilty, with 54% of flexitarians reporting they feel bad when they eat animal-based snacks as they know it’s not good for the planet. Nearly all (86%) wish they could find tasty snacks that are healthy for them and the planet and almost two thirds (63%) are actively looking for brands that share their views and can help them improve the planet’s health. These plant-and-planet loving foodies aren’t afraid to put their money where their mouth is either, with 62% saying they are willing to pay more for food that reduces their environmental impact.

At Fancy Plants, we’re inspired by this clear need for better, kinder snacks, and are proud to be leading the way towards a brighter future through the power of plants.

“Making good food choices is not easy. More and more people are giving up traditional meals to snack, but at the same time they want to make good choices for them and the planet. Fancy Plants makes it fun and easy for people to eat plant-based – you can duck into your closest supermarket and pick up a café style chia pudding, the Chia Pod, a plant-based rice pudding, the Rice Pud, or a smooth and indulgent chocolate pudding, the Silky Pot, ” says John Foss, CEO and Founder of Fancy Plants.

“At Fancy Plants, we care deeply about both people and the planet and to do our part in lowering the environmental impact, we have partnered with 1% for the Planet where we give back 1% of our sales to support the planet. We hope to inspire people to join us on the plant side to improve our own health and the health of our planet.”

So, are you ready to join with 78% of flexitarians ready to snack their way to a better future? By creating plant-based snacks that are nutritious, incredibly tasty, affordable and (you guessed it) undeniably fancy, we’re excited to be leading the charge in this snacking evolution. And all you have to do is eat up, and enjoy. Find out more about our Fancy Plants snacks below and keep an eye out for Fancy Plants in retailers across Australia.

Find out more about our Fancy Plants snacks below and keep an eye out for Fancy Plants in retailers across Australia.

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