Fancy Plants x Soulara

A perfect match of plant-based deliciousness!
Sep 15 2021

We’re very proud to be joining forces with the hero of healthy, plant-based meal delivery — Soulara!

Like us, Soulara are on a mission to make plant-based living accessible to people from all walks of life — helping us all become the healthiest versions of ourselves while reducing our environmental footprints. They offer an innovative, evolving menu of conscious meals that are delivered directly to your door, making the plant-based lifestyle simple, convenient, and delicious for all.

Through our partnership, Soulara customers will be delighted to find a free sample of some of our fancy plant-based snacks in their deliveries. And, our customers can enjoy a very friendly $30 off their first Soulara order. Simply visit and use the code FANCYPLANTS30 at the checkout.

Seems to us like this might be the start of a beautiful (and fancy) friendship. Are you ready to join the plant side?

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